Site Update – Now Showing Everything on Frontpage

Hey Guys – I decided to show all posts on the frontpage. If you’d like the “in character only” view, there’s a link for that in the menu.

I felt the old layout was too confusing, and some of the updates I posted were hidden behind too many clicks. This will become especially relevant as I embark on the DIstant Worlds Expedition, where I intend to cover the “meta stuff” as well (to the best of my ability) and not just the CMDR Bartmoss stuff.


Distant Worlds Preparations

The Distant Worlds expedition launches in 11 days, and I feel ill prepared. Having spent prospecting for several days, I have a mere four 25% FSD Boosts ready.

The best place to find Germanium and  Vanadium seem to be High Metal Content worlds, and there, do look inside craters. (Interestingly, I also found several caches of canisters containing gold, guarded by sentry drones operated by criminal gangs.)


But the low number of FSD boosts isn’t even the worst of it – after some some extensive repairs of the Hot Needle of Inquiry became necessary, I am now dangerously low on funds. Basically I do not have enough cash to cover the rebuy cost of the Needle.

Needless to say, that’s a terrible state of affairs, so I decided to head out into a random direction to scan some systems. Exploration data can be a good source of income, and especially a very low-risk source of income. Just the sort I need when a destroyed ship could set me back, well, completely.

And it does remind me why we go out into the black. This is the spot I chose for today’s lunch.

time for lunch

Quite the sight, isn’t it?

The two planets you see in the shot are a binary pair, and the small rock I landed on is the ringed planet’s moon.

Happy New Year 3302!

Happy New Year to you all! May your cargo be profitable and your discoveries be fascinating!

I am writing this from the Hot Needle of Inquiry, parked on a random snowball. I spent the last day or so gathering supplies for the Distant Worlds mission. It’s a bit of a chore, but with two weeks left, I still lack most of what I need. Planetary prospecting is time-consuming, and I wish the materials  so obtained could legally be traded on the interstellar markets.


In other news, I have caught a little bit of a cold. And while coughing and sneezing here on the flight deck of the Needle, I contemplate the irony that despite being sealed in a spaceship, and despite all the health procedures that exist on space stations and docks, and despite all our medical advances, we still catch these silly little diseases. While it’s only an inconvenience, really, it does delay some of the audio-visual reports I was going to send back to the Bubble by a week or two.


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