The Logbook

There is a galaxy of opportunity out there, waiting to be discovered, they say. It beckons, they say. And they are right.

I am fresh out of flight academy – where, I have to admit, I passed rather than excelled – and I have three days of trading behind me. I am now the proud owner of a Cobra Mark III, the classic two-seater that is used in so many SV serials. How is that, compared to the mundane jobs of days past?

The Cobra is the modern version of those famous ships from ancient mythology, the real world version of Arthur Davis’ Mithra, or Malcom Reynolds’ Serenity. I’ve upgraded mine for more cargo space. The goal is to earn more money, as quickly as I can – so that I can go out into the wilderness, and look at what strange and beautiful things I may find.

There are certainly weird things to find out there. I heard stories of a pilot who narrowly escaped a black hole. I heard that some people have been all the way to the galactic center. And rumors abound about Unknown Artifacts that have recently been recovered. I can’t wait to go out there, to see what lies beyond the next star system.

In the meantime I will maintain this logbook to chronicle my travels. If I make it, it will be an important document for future generations of travelers. If not, it still gives me something to do on those long hauls.


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