Testing the Witchhaul-Arouca Circuit Trade Route

Just as I was deliberating how best to raise the missing money for my Asp, I read an article by Commander Henneo. In it, he describes the Witchhaul-Arouca Circuit, a trade route he has been following, dealing in rare goods. Having had good experiences with the Lave Loop, I decided to give this new trade route a try.

Since Witchhaul is closer to me, I will start the route there. Where possible, I will take faster jumps over more economic ones. This will raise my fuel bill, but reduce the time needed for the circuit. My Cobra, recently re-configured for trade, now carries 44 tons of cargo.

 Witchhaul to Arouca

Arriving on Saunders’s Dive in Wolf 1301, I discovered that a change in government outlawed Wolf’s Flesh. Until this changes again, merchants should skip this stop.

At Hecate, I could only purchase 4 of the offered 13 tons of Hecate Sea Worms. With a similar experience during the Lave Loop, it seems that a 50-60 ton Cargo capacity is really desirable for these long-haul high-value trade runs.

And on Arouca, Tarach Spice is illegal. Adding insult to injury, I could not find a black market to take it off of my hands – it will have to wait until the next stop. Even with the fine, the first leg of the trade route was profitable: I made a profit of 531,028 Credits. It took me 1h50 minutes,

So far, and including the expected profit on the Spice, the route is roughly equivalent to the Lave Loop, which made 721k.

Arouca to Witchhaul

Tarach Spice is also illegal on Any Na, but I was able to slip into Libby Orbital without another fine. Any Na has a black market, which purchased the Spice from me, and I made a profit of 119,350 Credits.

My cargo hold filled up in McCool City, Jaroua, so I headed to Witchhaul directly, where I sold everything off. The second leg took me 1h27 minutes.


The grand total of the run’s profit is 1.38 million Credits. That’s profit – not revenue. It’s a lot of money. The entire loop took me about 3h 20min.

Witchhaul-Arouca 650378
Arouca-Witchhaul 736544
Total Profit 1386922

Compare this with the Lave Loop, which earned only 720k Credits, but was also a shorter run, at only 2h20min.

time profit Cr/min
Lave Loop 144 721791 5012,44
Witchhaul-Arouca-Circuit 197 1386922 7040,21

The new route is clearly more profitable. That said, it is a much more time-intensive affair – I feel exhausted now that I am back in Witchhaul – and there are some problems with the, uh, legality of some of the goods transported.

It’s still a great money-maker!

Do keep in mind that my test only involves a partial Circuit run due to limited cargo space. However, this was also the case for the Lave Loop, so the comparison should stand. Still, your mileage may vary if you have a bigger ship.

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