Meet The ASP Explorer

After a good night’s sleep – never make a purchasing decision when you are too tired to think – I went back to the Alioth Shipyard. I sold all my Cobra’s component, then the Cobra itself. (Shipyards offer a better rate for individual components.)

Then I picked the shiniest Asp they have available. I am now glad that I have access to Alioth; that’s a million Credits saved.

And even so, my funds are very limited. I spent a lot of time to pick and choose the components for the Asp. In the end, I had to make many compromises, but I decided to choose all the modules I want to have in the long run. That way, I can always simply check for upgrades when I have the funds and arrive in a system with a good shipyards.

This is my Asp’s equipment:

  • Standard 32t Fuel Tank
  • Upgraded FSD to 5D.
  • 72t Cargo hold (one 64 and 8 tons modules each)
  • Shield generator: 4D
  • Auto Field Maintenance Unit: 3D
  • Fuel Scoop: 1E
  • Detailed Surface Scanner
  • Basic Discovery Scanner
  • Kill Warrant Scanner E0
  • Weapons: 2x Gimballed Pulse Lasers, 2x Gimballed Multi-Cannons – Same as on my Cobra

The Fuel Scoop would take 30 minutes to refuel my tanks, but I have never used one and including it already lets me practice it. It is also great insurance in case I ever miscalculate and do run out of fuel.

I really wanted a more advanced sensor suite, but I can’t afford it. As it stands, I am left with only 235,536 Credits, which just about covers the insurance re-purchase cost for this ship (231,272 Cr).

Well, I’m off to fill up that bank account again!

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