Unknown Artefacts – Purring

I’ve become involved in attempts to solve the mystery of the Unknown Artefact. I’ll write more about this later, but currently I have no “in character” story for that involvement, so I’ll just post some minor information for today.

I’ve been concentrating on building up a list of transcripts of the purrs in the audio signal. So far, I collected 18 sequences, of 111 different “bytes”. There are 36 unique bytes.

  • Bytes are usually 5-6 bits, but longer and shorter ones are known
  • No byte so far has a triple or longer sequence of consecutive bits
  • The distribution is clearly not even. See the following graphs:

symbolsSorted by percentage:

symbols-descendingI am still working on the assumption that it’s a substitution cipher, but of course I can’t be sure. It should be something actionable, though – planet names, perhaps.

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