Happy New Year 3302!

Happy New Year to you all! May your cargo be profitable and your discoveries be fascinating!

I am writing this from the Hot Needle of Inquiry, parked on a random snowball. I spent the last day or so gathering supplies for the Distant Worlds mission. It’s a bit of a chore, but with two weeks left, I still lack most of what I need. Planetary prospecting is time-consuming, and I wish the materials  so obtained could legally be traded on the interstellar markets.


In other news, I have caught a little bit of a cold. And while coughing and sneezing here on the flight deck of the Needle, I contemplate the irony that despite being sealed in a spaceship, and despite all the health procedures that exist on space stations and docks, and despite all our medical advances, we still catch these silly little diseases. While it’s only an inconvenience, really, it does delay some of the audio-visual reports I was going to send back to the Bubble by a week or two.


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