Distant Worlds Preparations

The Distant Worlds expedition launches in 11 days, and I feel ill prepared. Having spent prospecting for several days, I have a mere four 25% FSD Boosts ready.

The best place to find Germanium and  Vanadium seem to be High Metal Content worlds, and there, do look inside craters. (Interestingly, I also found several caches of canisters containing gold, guarded by sentry drones operated by criminal gangs.)


But the low number of FSD boosts isn’t even the worst of it – after some some extensive repairs of the Hot Needle of Inquiry became necessary, I am now dangerously low on funds. Basically I do not have enough cash to cover the rebuy cost of the Needle.

Needless to say, that’s a terrible state of affairs, so I decided to head out into a random direction to scan some systems. Exploration data can be a good source of income, and especially a very low-risk source of income. Just the sort I need when a destroyed ship could set me back, well, completely.

And it does remind me why we go out into the black. This is the spot I chose for today’s lunch.

time for lunch

Quite the sight, isn’t it?

The two planets you see in the shot are a binary pair, and the small rock I landed on is the ringed planet’s moon.

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