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Site Update – Now Showing Everything on Frontpage

Hey Guys – I decided to show all posts on the frontpage. If you’d like the “in character only” view, there’s a link for that in the menu.

I felt the old layout was too confusing, and some of the updates I posted were hidden behind too many clicks. This will become especially relevant as I embark on the DIstant Worlds Expedition, where I intend to cover the “meta stuff” as well (to the best of my ability) and not just the CMDR Bartmoss stuff.



As you surely know, Elite:Dangerous – Horizons has launched.

I haven’t played it a whole lot just yet – my YouTube channel takes priority, and I just started a new job IRL – but I love that we now have actual places to visit.

As I was browsing the forums, I stumbled across the Distant Worlds expedition. It aims to cross the galaxy and reach Beagle Point. I always wanted to do something like this, and having a social group to do it with sounds pretty cool. Plus, there’s the hope that help will be fairly close, should something go horribly wrong.

I’ll document the voyage here, as well as on my YouTube channel. I might also live-stream on Twitch, we’ll see – the later depends a lot on available time.

Exciting times for us space explorers!

Change in Channel; and I’m back

Hello Commanders. I’m back. Hiatus caused by different types of things going on in real life.

I’d like to quickly mention one change: I’ve moved my videos to my primary YouTube channel, Have Joystick, Will Travel. All posts should be updated but if you find issues please let me know.

The reason for this is simply one of efficiency – I can’t feed two channels with material. Hopefully, you’ll like some of the non-Elite channel as well! Drop by and say Hi, I’m looking forward to meeting you on YouTube!

Unknown Artefacts – Purring

I’ve become involved in attempts to solve the mystery of the Unknown Artefact. I’ll write more about this later, but currently I have no “in character” story for that involvement, so I’ll just post some minor information for today.

I’ve been concentrating on building up a list of transcripts of the purrs in the audio signal. So far, I collected 18 sequences, of 111 different “bytes”. There are 36 unique bytes.

  • Bytes are usually 5-6 bits, but longer and shorter ones are known
  • No byte so far has a triple or longer sequence of consecutive bits
  • The distribution is clearly not even. See the following graphs:

symbolsSorted by percentage:

symbols-descendingI am still working on the assumption that it’s a substitution cipher, but of course I can’t be sure. It should be something actionable, though – planet names, perhaps.

Notes on the Alioth Permit

I actually expected the “reputation grind” for Alioth to take far longer than it did. I didn’t really check the time, but it took me two longish game sessions. Call it 6 hours, but that’s a very rough estimate. I did mess up two missions, and lost cargo once to a nasty pirate interdiction that I barely escaped from with my life, and had to re-purchase goods for those.

I did not make a lot of money running missions, so when you undertake this, you might want to have your 6+ Million ready. In hindsight, it would have been more efficient to just run more trade and pay the full price for an Asp, but I am sure the Alioth Permit will come in handy in some other way.

Besides, it’s all about testing things, so I did not mind this at all.