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Notes on the Alioth Permit

I actually expected the “reputation grind” for Alioth to take far longer than it did. I didn’t really check the time, but it took me two longish game sessions. Call it 6 hours, but that’s a very rough estimate. I did mess up two missions, and lost cargo once to a nasty pirate interdiction that I barely escaped from with my life, and had to re-purchase goods for those.

I did not make a lot of money running missions, so when you undertake this, you might want to have your 6+ Million ready. In hindsight, it would have been more efficient to just run more trade and pay the full price for an Asp, but I am sure the Alioth Permit will come in handy in some other way.

Besides, it’s all about testing things, so I did not mind this at all.

Access to Alioth

With almost 3 million Credits saved up, I decided it was time to think about a trade-up for my Cobra Mk III. The ship I have my eye on is the Asp Explorer; it seems to be a good all-rounder, similar to the Cobra, but with a slight focus on Exploration – a perfect match for what I want to do.

The Asp costs 6.6 million Credits, but I heard that the Alliance is selling them at a discount in their capital system, Alioth. Of course they do not allow just about everybody in, and so I spent a lot of time picking up contracts from them, making contacts and friends.

As I write this, I just returned from a cargo run from Mizar to 78 Ursae Majoris, transporting copper and urgently needed medical supplies, that I was told that I am to travel to Irkutsk, to receive my Alioth System Permit.

Receiving the Alioth System Permit

I decided to stock up on Liquor for the voyage and left Reading Station.

Update – Irkutsk/Alioth:

I’ve got my Alioth Permit and even made 12000 Credits profit on the booze. Neat. In the spirit of things, though, I decided to donate that money to local charities.

The price for the Asp is 5.33 million Credits. I did not expect to reach Alioth so soon, and even with a trade-in for my Cobra I am 700k short. Plus, I will of course need money to outfit the ASP, as well as an operational budget.

Still, the Asp is within reach!