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Second Voyage of Exploration: The Pleiades

Babysteps. Walk before you run. Learn to swim before jumping into the deep end.

I’ve gone on my second voyage outside The Bubble; this time, I took my Asp out to the Pleiades – and encountered my first black hole. It’s an awesome, and scary sight.

I looked at a few systems, but found nothing too extraordinary. I am beginning to feel that boldly going so many people have gone before is not really exploration; it is tourism. I’ll have to head out far further for my third trip.

Blue Sun ASP Explorer

I spent all morning in the shipyards here in Bolkow City and refitted my ASP Explorer. Mainly, I’ve aimed for a good all-round exploration outfit. It has a jump range of only 25.16 ly (unladen), but it carries equipment for every eventuality:

  • Full set of sensors (including Kill Warrant, Frameshift Wake, and Cargo Scanners)
  • Fuel Scope
  • 2x Auto Field-Maintenance Units
  • 2x Small and 2x Medium Pulse Lasers
  • 8t Cargo Hold

I don’t expect to need the weapons – the ASP is not at all a combat ship like this – but it feels reassuring to have them. The cargo hold is simply there in case I find anything I want to bring back – I doubt it, but you never know.

The shipyard doe not have better components available for most types of equipment, and I did compromise on some (Fuel Scope for example) in order to save money.

Even without the best jump range the ship could get, I feel the ASP is now ready for my second trip of exploration.

I’ve taken the opportunity to christened my ship. She is now known as the “Blue Sun”, after Spica.

Meet The ASP Explorer

After a good night’s sleep – never make a purchasing decision when you are too tired to think – I went back to the Alioth Shipyard. I sold all my Cobra’s component, then the Cobra itself. (Shipyards offer a better rate for individual components.)

Then I picked the shiniest Asp they have available. I am now glad that I have access to Alioth; that’s a million Credits saved.

And even so, my funds are very limited. I spent a lot of time to pick and choose the components for the Asp. In the end, I had to make many compromises, but I decided to choose all the modules I want to have in the long run. That way, I can always simply check for upgrades when I have the funds and arrive in a system with a good shipyards.

This is my Asp’s equipment:

  • Standard 32t Fuel Tank
  • Upgraded FSD to 5D.
  • 72t Cargo hold (one 64 and 8 tons modules each)
  • Shield generator: 4D
  • Auto Field Maintenance Unit: 3D
  • Fuel Scoop: 1E
  • Detailed Surface Scanner
  • Basic Discovery Scanner
  • Kill Warrant Scanner E0
  • Weapons: 2x Gimballed Pulse Lasers, 2x Gimballed Multi-Cannons – Same as on my Cobra

The Fuel Scoop would take 30 minutes to refuel my tanks, but I have never used one and including it already lets me practice it. It is also great insurance in case I ever miscalculate and do run out of fuel.

I really wanted a more advanced sensor suite, but I can’t afford it. As it stands, I am left with only 235,536 Credits, which just about covers the insurance re-purchase cost for this ship (231,272 Cr).

Well, I’m off to fill up that bank account again!