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Blue Sun ASP Explorer

I spent all morning in the shipyards here in Bolkow City and refitted my ASP Explorer. Mainly, I’ve aimed for a good all-round exploration outfit. It has a jump range of only 25.16 ly (unladen), but it carries equipment for every eventuality:

  • Full set of sensors (including Kill Warrant, Frameshift Wake, and Cargo Scanners)
  • Fuel Scope
  • 2x Auto Field-Maintenance Units
  • 2x Small and 2x Medium Pulse Lasers
  • 8t Cargo Hold

I don’t expect to need the weapons – the ASP is not at all a combat ship like this – but it feels reassuring to have them. The cargo hold is simply there in case I find anything I want to bring back – I doubt it, but you never know.

The shipyard doe not have better components available for most types of equipment, and I did compromise on some (Fuel Scope for example) in order to save money.

Even without the best jump range the ship could get, I feel the ASP is now ready for my second trip of exploration.

I’ve taken the opportunity to christened my ship. She is now known as the “Blue Sun”, after Spica.