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Cerberus Plague Outbreaks

As you know, a disease has broken out in several systems. The so-called Cerberus Plague originated in BD-02 4304 and had spread to Dajoar, Eleu and 20 Ophiuchi. After efforts to contain the plague there failed, it has now spread to six additional systems: Bast, Una, Santjalan as well as Bastes, Maheou Ti and Ochoeng,

Since there seems to be no chance at providing enough medical supplies to all affected systems, independent skippers – such as myself – have informally agreed to support Bast, first and foremost. As I write this, 634,000 tons out of a needed 2.5 million have been delivered. I have joined the effort, though the Blue Sun can not transport much. Even outfitted for cargo, her hold can only carry 112 tons.

On my last drop-off, locals in Hart Station told me that the situation is dire – the plague is spreading rapidly, and they expect a break-down in public services within four days.

If you have a ship, fly to Bast. Bring medicines – any type! The hope is that, given enough resources, the local medical team can provide further insights into the plague, and make future efforts to combat it more effective.