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Rumors of Alien Artefacts

The spaceport bars are abuzz with rumors these days. Everybody is talking about the assassination of the Emperor, but one persistent topic are the Unknown Artefacts that have been discovered in several systems. So many, in fact, that the Federation has now taken notice and started researching them.

One rumor I heard was that several such objects have been found in the Pleiades. Of course I had to take a look for myself. I spent three entire days out there, scanning one system after the other for Signal Sources, but found no trace of artefacts – just several narrow escapes from pirate bands who seem to be preying on the influx of explorers.


Eventually, I decided to call off my search. I took a circuitous route home, and scanned several hitherto unexplored systems. The most interesting of the lot had two worlds with indigenous life-forms:

I am now back in Cubeo, contemplating my next steps.

Second Voyage of Exploration: The Pleiades

Babysteps. Walk before you run. Learn to swim before jumping into the deep end.

I’ve gone on my second voyage outside The Bubble; this time, I took my Asp out to the Pleiades – and encountered my first black hole. It’s an awesome, and scary sight.

I looked at a few systems, but found nothing too extraordinary. I am beginning to feel that boldly going so many people have gone before is not really exploration; it is tourism. I’ll have to head out far further for my third trip.