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Galactic Powers

I am currently sitting in Leesti, enjoying breakfast and a nice glass of Azure Milk, wondering what to do next. I still lack a significant amount of money to complete upgrading my Asp – so much, in fact, that I wonder if I should trade it in for a Type-6 transport for some time; trading in the Asp is simply not very profitable. Even though it is much better suited to Rare commodity trading, I feel like I would benefit more from scaling effects in a larger ship.

Still, the Asp is a little bit like home already, and I really don’t want to give it away.

Another option to earn money seems to be to support one of the 10 factions vying for control of Human Space.


Looking at the compensation offered, it seems that the remuneration is more or less the same in all cases. However, each faction is selling one piece of advanced technology to their higher-ranked followers:

  • Zachary Hudson (Federation): Pacifier Frag-Cannon (longer range, tighter spread, but less damage)
  • A Lavigny-Duval (Empire): Imperial Hammer (a multi-shot railgun)
  • Felicia Winters (Federation): Pulse Disruptor (A medium pulse weapon that causes enemy modules to malfunction)
  • Zemina Torval (Empire): Mining Lance (Mining laser that does damage to ships)
  • Aisling Duval (Empire): Prismatic Shield Generator (stronger shields)
  • Edmund Mahon (Alliance): Retribution (small beam laser that causes heat damage)
  • Li-Yong Rui (Independent): Pack-hound Rack (medium seeker missiles that fire a salvo of “drunk” missiles)
  • Denton Patreus (Empire): Advanced Accelerator (A specialized plasma weapon)
  • Archon Delaine (Independent): Cytoscrambler (A weapon that is highly effective against shields, but does not damage hulls)
  • Pranav Antal (Independent): Enforcer Cannon (reduced fire rate, improved damage)

None of these items seems very useful for someone who intends to go exploring before long. Out in the big beyond I will not need highly powerful weapons. I won’t be mining either, and that pretty much leaves the Prismatic Shield Generator. Better shields never hurt, and I do want some shields on my ship – I might as well use the best available, right?

Aisling Duval

Besides Aisling Duval sounds like a fairly reasonable person to work for. Perhaps a little too idealistic. Her agenda focuses on social and economic reforms, and she is opposed to slavery. There is a side benefit, in that working for her should help me make contacts within the Empire – and I would like, in the long run, to buy some of their specialized ships.

My mind is made up. I’ll travel to Cubeo and offer to hire out to Aisling Duval. Right after I get done with this trade run – and my breakfast.