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First Voyage of Exploration: Spica

I decided to take my Asp for a spin outside The Bubble today. I just picked a direction at random, and thrust myself into the black.

All systems I came across had already been explored by other people. I did have a scare once as I gravity dropped with two stars right in my face.


My first stopover was Kumbaya, at Hecate Landing. Kumbaya is a lightly inhabited system out in the middle of nowhere. The locals are somewhat deluded – they are communists – but treated me well enough. Probably because they don’t get to meet many visitors. Even though I had not been able to explore unvisited systems on my voyage out, I was at least able to fill in some census information about the locals. Maybe it will bring more visitors to them.

I then landed at Shojon. This system had been visited and cataloged in the census database, four months ago. Visitors are truly rare out here.

At this point, I considered heading back into human space. My Asp was working perfectly fine, and I had wet my feet. But then I saw that I was only a hundred light years from Spica – and I decided to check it out.

Arriving at Spica, I discovered that it had become quite a tourist destination already. Taking a few scans, I turned around and headed home.