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Rumors of Alien Artefacts

The spaceport bars are abuzz with rumors these days. Everybody is talking about the assassination of the Emperor, but one persistent topic are the Unknown Artefacts that have been discovered in several systems. So many, in fact, that the Federation has now taken notice and started researching them.

One rumor I heard was that several such objects have been found in the Pleiades. Of course I had to take a look for myself. I spent three entire days out there, scanning one system after the other for Signal Sources, but found no trace of artefacts – just several narrow escapes from pirate bands who seem to be preying on the influx of explorers.


Eventually, I decided to call off my search. I took a circuitous route home, and scanned several hitherto unexplored systems. The most interesting of the lot had two worlds with indigenous life-forms:

I am now back in Cubeo, contemplating my next steps.

Thargoids or Bust

As every kid knows, the Thargoids are an alien race that attacked human space some 250 years ago (3055-3193). The war was only won – we’ll use the term loosely – when the Federation used biological warfare against the Thargoids. Despite a thaw in relations some sixty years later – in the middle of the last century – the Thargoids disappeared and we have no current contact at all. There are even those who – get this – think that the entire Thargoid invasion was a hoax, and that it never happened at all.

I can’t help but feel fascinated by this period of history. Why did the Thargoids attack in 3055? Why did they leave fifty years ago? Where do they live? Or, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, do they even exist?

I spend many hours in deep space pondering those questions.

Fuel for the Fire

The speculations surrounding the Thargoids have peaked in recent weeks, after the discovery of an Unknown Artefact. Very little is known about this device, and the wildest theories have been proposed as to its origin or purpose. There isn’t even any actual evidence linking the Artefact with the Thargoids, and the governments – who should be able to tell – are maintaining their silence.

Unknown Artefact, by CMDR Red Wizzard
Unknown Artefact, by CMDR Red Wizzard

What should we do about it?

I do not own an Artefact, nor have I seen one for myself, so I can’t research them myself. Not that I am a scientist.

What I can do, however, is follow up rumors. Look beyond the next star. See if I can find any traces of the Thargoids. At worst, I can help identify places where they aren’t. It certainly sounds like a more… productive approach to picking my destinations than random selection.

OOC Note: I’m assuming that the people in the Elite:Dangerous universe have knowldge of the events in FFE and FFE2. Unfortunately, there is no good repository on what is “canon” in Elite Dangerous. If my assumptions are incorrect, I will retcon my posts.

Unknown Artefacts – Purring

I’ve become involved in attempts to solve the mystery of the Unknown Artefact. I’ll write more about this later, but currently I have no “in character” story for that involvement, so I’ll just post some minor information for today.

I’ve been concentrating on building up a list of transcripts of the purrs in the audio signal. So far, I collected 18 sequences, of 111 different “bytes”. There are 36 unique bytes.

  • Bytes are usually 5-6 bits, but longer and shorter ones are known
  • No byte so far has a triple or longer sequence of consecutive bits
  • The distribution is clearly not even. See the following graphs:

symbolsSorted by percentage:

symbols-descendingI am still working on the assumption that it’s a substitution cipher, but of course I can’t be sure. It should be something actionable, though – planet names, perhaps.